Monday, December 23, 2013


I intend to put my attention to what I believe can augment and better boost our industry. This choice is a result of an intensive reflection on how best to march further my crusade because whether one sees it or not, we are now faced with a looming circumstance that will change the best practice of business organizations and its supervision.

However, I want to back up a bit and move from the usual cause to ‘mentor business owners’ into ‘reinforcing the people that are behind them,’ because the truth of the matter is that I can only at best push and at the same time sympathise with how overwhelming are the demands that a business owner has to absorb. This argument has led me to the question how best I can support businessmen and women to lighten the struggle that goes with it.    

And just because I have changed to direct another audience, it does not follow that all business owners discontinue following because although I will primarily be directing the articles to staff members and workers: It will prove invaluable to understand and detect the plight and struggles of those who want to be on your side of the business.

Another change that I want to apply is a measure to ease the readability of my articles by means of expanding each thought to make it fit more gently to my audience and to make it less heavy and adaptable. I will also be breaking down each topic more aptly so that each sequence will contribute gradually to a deeper thought and give my audience enough time to reflect on each one in conjunction to the preset publishing interval.

In contrast to those features above, what will not change is the every 2 week publishing cycle done on Fridays so that you can have them on a weekend.  

I am all set to follow a powerful and a thoughtful framework all set to get a high performer to discover the secret of their potential and the prospects that surround them while working in its organization.

I am very excited about my expectation...