Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Year 2014

I have been astonished to see that a number of folks from different parts of the globe continue to visit this page from the time I began in 2012 and so I thought of going over that series of 20 articles that I first posted and then add them up every two weeks similar to what I previously did.

You must have also right away noticed a new look and an added feature which I begot over the entire year of seeming silence where I tried to come up with a working knowledge and the significance of resolving the problem of our industries’ pit-falls.

For a time I was bugged on how every one of my endeavour is associated with each other, but then, little did I know that what on the surface appears to be variant, it somehow discloses our over-all answerability toward men and the world in which we live in.

So in connection to working out our accountability toward men in the intricacies of our industry’s trade - is spelled out on the Business Portal, and the added feature under bethesdaestcorp establishes - how we can work out our liability toward the health of men ( not merely the absence of disease or infirmity) and of nature.

We have been amply provided to make our sojourning in this planet flawless except that fatal disruptions tend to veer us toward our own lapses even while creation continues to bracingly confront us so as to be convinced and return.