Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Better Path

Looking ahead, a career path these days needs some very serious thinking. It will initially not only require making an allowance before we start to explore what career fields are available that corresponds to the type of personality that one has, we also have to unearth what is it really that  distinguishes humans from machines? You see unlike before, labour developed into a sacrifice that meant giving out some civil liberties and privileges instead of a way of life. However, I will show to you that this revolutionary influx of sophisticated devices will undoubtedly only ingenously befit workers relevant to being human whe we look at what is in front of the career path of workers.

Conversely, corresponding to this respective anticipation and our growing technological developments comes the enormous reality that it would engender workers a limited choice as machines are now beginning to compete with some career fields enjoyed by still many these days, and this with the imminent view that robots and computers will not only eventually replace those tasks that are programmable and automatable, but even the ones thought to be the irreplaceable capability of us  humans to recognise complex patterns that are hard to relate or intractable to connect - like driving a car in the highway without human intervention, which is beginning to show up (mentioned in our earlier article), and later on, not with drivers only but what with engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. that will soon follow.

In parallel to that growth comes a concurrent reinvention and reorganization of business models and their distinctive setup that will have to go on in the workplace where workers’ ‘decision rights’ will begin to be hallowed instead of repressed. And this to enable creative companies to bring out the most from human wealth or its riches and to make them work hand in hand with machines.

Viewing alongside this up-rise development, this will then lead to a time when our entire economic landscape will disseminate from our present overweight multinational corporations offloading them to mini-chip small group alliances and then the time will come when this small group will eventually serve a particular niche with a scope and capability that serves the entire globe as its market.

This range of revolutionary machine and computer invasion is chilling at first glance not only to career workers because it would denote a closing end to jobs occupied by humans. It is also frightening to most hardcore economist if they continue to disregard the role of technology and continue to uphold their measure that links value creation with employment creation.  To them it will indicate that our market based economy at large will extremely suffer if their coherent measures are not heeded, and due - they would argue, to an implied slowdown in economic activity when unemployment rate will rise and goods provided by capitalist are stocked up.

Nonetheless, a deeper look to this supposed unemployment threat and this looming economic transformation is somehow a welcome sign first to consumers, and simply because existing products and services will imminently become enormously inexpensive in view of the fact that when human and machine concurrently work hand in hand, production cost will tremendously plummet, and what's more, bigger and better values will be efficiently generated and to some greater extent are customized for a more particular clientele. And in reference to economy, though employment will definitely reel downward during this transition, this will by a natural process be replaced with a spawning new breed of small and enterprising groups that will slowly inhabit the sphere of influence that conglomerate companies are still controlling and benefiting today- though this time around, this new breed of entrepreneurs will remain small in number but plenty of machine workforce and a virtually global network. And since capital and production cost will be very low and products efficiently achieved, prices will be cheap, etc. Thus the gap between the rich and the poor will narrow down enormously.

This kind of economy is also capable of germinating other ample and seemingly trifling niches within an already given niche that other entrants will then fill in, and thus stabilizing the whole global economy instead of our inordinate monopolistic market. There will come a time when employer and employee dealings that flourished during our industrial era will gradually scale and level  out this impasse and would instead reinvent these apparently undesirable relationships.

All this should evoke a buoyant attitude of what is yet to come and a kind of career path of workers that will evoke a breaking away from being a second-rate worker so to speak.

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