Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In the dog industry, what drives demands is an outgrowth of how people value their dog, and without oversight, non-interference of market flow produces undesirable flaws and problems since merchants are not only assailed to supply people’s needs, profiteering also gets out of hand. Our conventional approach of market interferences however is ceaselessly regulating the aftermath because government and institutions have no natural ability to confront the root of the problem. The right collaboration of associations with a common interest can nonetheless direct market flow instead of interfering with it, and the twist is that the short lifespan of miscarried trends are strongly competed in the open market.

My commitment in promoting GSP here in the Philippines is a small ascent to abridge the course of where this industry is heading, to hit the root that leads to a problem, to initiate collaboration among industries that facilitate an appropriate service that will stimulate dog owners to be near them.

Why Dogs? Because they rest close to my heart
Why Indiegogo?  Primarily to fund the project but also to take advantage of a platform that brings concerned parties together while launching the idea.   
Why an alternate means to fund the project? Because Mass Collaboration and Aggregate Giving is reciprocal to venture capital, private equity or mutual funds  infused to a selected  few to give rise to its own private welfare,  while this emerging movement that is challenging traditional business is infusing funds to form communities that  address an errant social problem.  

This recognition aims to resolve the problem but it depends on your support.

Also, some has already done their part, how about you?

Have a look and try to help  http://igg.me/at/gsp-philippines/x/10874439

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