Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Indiegogo campaign closure

When I first heard about crowd funding I was brought to different backdoor platforms that facilitate campaigns. I chose Indiegogo and did my best to communicate my concern. I found out however that this platform is filled with pre-construction products with varying perks to lure bargain hunters, and therefore attracting mostly that kind of a crowd there.

And like most other platforms that are available today, kick starter, etc. they carry the same allowance that is souring the spirit of what I thought was an activity which has in mind a crowd willing to fund a benevolent cause instead of what return the donor can get from it. 

Its focus has lessened the concerns of the beneficiary and heightened the interest of the contributor in a sense that though they are still providing an alternative means of funding a cause, its outcome is far from an attention of merely a benevolent fellow.

As a result, I realize that this type of activity is simply becoming another economic platform where trade and exchange is present. Not that I am against it, but the need to distinguish these two sets of behaviors must be defined and properly put in place if not put both together in one, in the type of campaign that I am promoting.  

Note: The campaigns continues http://promotinggsp.blogspot.com/

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